Child & Family Friendly Dentist

We want children to have the best experience possible when coming to the dentist, so they will have a lifetime of great dental care.We have a special kids area in our waiting room for their enjoyment where they can play or watch both TV or DVD’s.

Children's Dental Health Facts and Recommendations

For good dental health we recommend that parents assist children in brushing their teeth when they are young – kids don’t have the ability to do a thorough job until they are older.  Your child should also not take a bottle or sippy cut to bed, as this promotes tooth decay.With the fluoride in our water and home use of a fluoride rinse, tooth decay is very rare in children.  In those instances where the dentist does need to ‘chase away a cavity bug’ we use ‘happy air’ and give the tooth some ‘sleepy juice’ for a pain free process.  We use filling materials that release fluoride to help prevent further decay around the filling and top off the filing with a beautiful white star that looks just like part of the tooth. At each of your child’s preventative appointments we assess the spacing between teeth as well as the way his/her teeth come together.  If we feel that an orthodontic consultation is needed, we will recommend it immediately and give you information for a highly qualified orthodontist in your area.