If a tooth has been compromised by large filings, extensive decay, broken corners, or has had a root canal, then a Crown is recommended. Crowns often are referred to as caps. This comes from when farmers would cap a fence post to prevent it from splitting, which would render it useless and force its removal. The same is true of a crown. It surrounds and protects the tooth preventing it from irreversible damage that would require it to be removed. The benefits of crowns are numerous: They strengthen the tooth, restore the cosmetic beauty of the tooth and prevent the loss of the tooth which has a multitude of benefits as well. A crown may be used to restore a broken tooth, to cover an implant, or to attach a dental bridge. Crowns are made of different materials depending on where they will be placed in the mouth and what they are being used for. The Doctor will decide the best material for each individual case and work with every patient closely to determine the correct course of action. If taken care of properly, crowns can last a lifetime. They sometimes can come loose or fall out however, so good oral hygiene is necessary to ensure the crown lasts as long as possible. Our Team will walk you through the entire process, and make sure you are comfortable and ready for the procedure. They will also educate you on proper care for the crown, and what to do if it happens to come loose or fall out.