Dental Implants are a great innovation in modern dentistry. Where before, a missing tooth was replaced with a bridge, now the option of a dental implant is available. These implants can last for a lifetime, if cared for properly, and will support the everyday use that one’s natural teeth would. Improved appearance, speech, comfort, oral health and potential overall health, are all benefits of a dental implant. One of the biggest reasons dental implants are an improvement over dental bridges and dentures is that these implants become a part of you. Implants, which are a small post made of titanium, are placed in the bone to mimic a root. It is placed into the area of the missing tooth, and will become locked into the bone as it heals around it. This is what gives the implant its increased stability and functionality. Implants do not require work on adjacent teeth, which protects them from possible recurrent decay as in the case of a bridge. After the implant has fully healed, a crown, or replacement tooth, will be made and attached to it. We will work with you to make sure your implanted tooth looks natural in terms of color, shape, and size. Implants can also be used to help keep your complete dentures in or can be used to permanently retain your complete dentures. Most people who have dental implants report that there is less pain involved with the procedure than with a tooth extraction. Local anesthesia can be provided as your comfort is one of our greatest concerns. If you feel like dental implants would be a good option for you to improve your oral health, schedule an appointment today. Our team will work with you to develop a plan that will get your smile back to looking and feeling its best!