I was very pleased that Nitrous was an option for round 1 of a crown installation.  Dr. McCray is the bomb.  The exact opposite of the Dentist/Sadist I ahd as a kid.  Dr. McCray is indeed the Gentle Dentist!!!”        -Susan C.

“Dr. McCray always explains everything in a way that doesn’t make me feel that I am being talked down to, but at the same time, in a way I understand.  The dentist and assistant had a great relationship and made me feel like they enjoyed working on me.  -Chrissy G.

“Well I never had a dentist (or any kind of doctor) call to check up on me after a procedure! How thoroughly awesome! Thank you for that, Dr. McCray.  If you and your staff keep treating me like this, you’ll never get rid of me.” -Ginny L.

“Dr. McCray!!! he is always a professional but he took the little bit of time to have a personal conversation with me.  This goes a long way!! He also went out of his way to call and see if they could get me into get a root canal.  By having the personal conversation with me he knew I would be out of town for a week and doing the root canal prior to the trip would take the risk of having complications while being away.  Dr. McCray I want to say thank you very much.” -Nathan D.

“All of the clinical team including Dr. McCray were really wonderful.  I had not been to the dentist for over 10 years due to bad experiences as a child but I was made very comfortable and the entire team exhibited a warm and caring atmosphere. Thank you!” -Michael W.

“I love how Dr. McCray explains everything.” -Jenny N.

“Thanks to all of you for making my dream of ‘a perfect smile’… Words can not describe my gratitude for all of you but especially Dr. McCray. My deepest thank you always!”  Sheryl B.

“Just a note of thanks for the kind and caring service given me, from the heart.  I pray you will never need to know what it means to smile again.  I do and I know I, at least, am a better, happier man for it! There are no words to match my gratitude, but I will always refer to you as the absolute best!”  -Keith W.